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Paperless Guide (P&P OOC)

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:22 pm
by polyedit2000
((RP Here))

Topic 1: You Just Woke Up.

You would probably notice three things when you wake up:

1. The phone is probably a very important tool in this place. We can't call out of wherever this is, but we can call each other. The phone can also load several Apps including this Guide. If you just woke up, you're most likely going to start with Text-All, Guide and Scan.

2. The dakimakura, or the pillow of a person next to you. At a basic level...they're in places of rest or in place of a hostage in some rooms. Also, treat the dakimakuras with respect: Let's just say they're responsible for recovering you from your fails.

3. A locked door. You can't open it unless you use the Scan App on your phone. Just aim your phone cam at what you want to scan and hold your finger on the screen. If you do this simple thing right, you should be able to leave. Some thing make take longer to scan, so you'll have to keep aiming!

Re: Paperless Guide (P&P OOC)

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:41 am
by polyedit2000
Topic 2: Apps on your Dungeon-Phone (Topic pending further updates)

As we said before, your phone is the most important tool here. You most likely discovered how useful it is in order to escape the first room. It's pretty indestructible, but if you lose it, it'll turn up again in a rest area. However, the most you could change on this phone is the background or ring tone.

From time to time, the phone will add more Apps or improve existing ones:

Text-All: A voiceless chatroom for talking to other users in this dungeon. At your current level, you cannot create chatrooms.

Guide: A link to this guide, in case you need to review several terms.

Scan: By using the phone camera, you can interact with the dungeon. In battle, scanning time is increased by the complexity of what is being scanned and distance. Current features include:
-Unlock- This can open up a door or chest, and can unravel lock-based restraints.
-Ghost- Expose a ghost's true form in the real world, even if temporary.

Pillow Amie: When you scan a dakimakura, you get a virtual version of your pillow girl, restraints included. So much fun with this.

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Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:52 am
by polyedit2000
Topic 3: Doors and Stars and Rooms (This topic might be updated.) (This topic might be rewritten for simplicity)

Next Event: (10) 20
Total Stars: 11
Ranking- Kitty: 2
Ranking- Hannah: 3
Ranking- Vixey: 1
Ranking- Ciri: 1

Star Ranking:
-A person's Star Ranking is based on the highest room they cleared. They can access doors equal and one rank above/below their current ranking. For example, a Rank 3 can enter Doors with Stars 2/3/4.
-Losing or fleeing a room will decrease your rank by 1, but will not decrease the stars you already earned.
-In a group, the doors are based on the highest-ranking person in the room.

-Stars determine the difficulty of the room.
-Clearing a room will earn you the amount of stars for that room.
-All objectives must be completed to earn the stars.
-Rooms are sorted so that it is possible to clear multiple rooms for many stars, but rooms cannot be repeated to earn stars.


-You must complete all objectives to earn all possible stars. Defeating one enemy and fleeing will net you 0 stars.
-There are a few rooms that do not penalize you for leaving early.

Possible Rooms:

Rest- This room replaces the lowest-ranking door. It also serves as the respawn point for losers.

Treasure- This room allows you to open a number of chests based on the number of stars.

Battle - You will face a number of foes or a very tough one.

Puzzle - You would have to solve some elements to continue.

Dare - Acquire a debuff, but clearing a number of stars after this earns you extra rewards.

Escape - You must survive the obstacles in this room until the door unlocks after a certain number of turns.

Boss - (see Topic 5)

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Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:54 pm
by polyedit2000
Topic 4: Boppers and their Weapon Forms (Topic to be updated)

So, you probably got your first weapon in the form of a Bopper. Like the name suggests, they're used to bop things. However, plenty of Boppers have special efforts worth more than a meaty fist. You can place them on your hands (or feet or head, though less effective). You can find Boppers with new weapon forms, rare fiends, or as prizes.

Weapon Forms are interesting ways to use those Boppers. Some are straightforward and give you greater reach. Others use Boppers in interesting ways like a Bomb Form that causes an explosion!

Like your phone, all discovered Boppers and Weapon Forms can be found in the Rest area.


Burner- Fire
Freezer- Ice
Shocker- Lightning
Bouncer- Can knockback on melee or make a spell bounce off a surface.

Weapon Forms:
Hammer- A swinging stick that holds up to two Boppers one one end.
Bo Staff- A stick that holds up to two Boppers on both ends.
Staff- They can cast "spells" depending on the equipped Bopper.

Misc Weapons:
Foam Sword- A sword that doesn't cut, though a nice prop.

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Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:13 pm
by polyedit2000
Jane here. Here's my guide of the fiends you Scanned in this dungeon. Generally, most ghosts are integrated into the object they possess. You do not need to Scan them to hit them.

I'm still researching this, so here's what I have so far:

Nightgown - A gown with longs sleeves and skirt. It tends to fly in for the attack.
Rank: *
True Form: A lovely girl inside a nightgown.
My Strategy: As long as it doesn't grab you, you just beat it down.
Punishment: The nightgown goes on you. Attempts to escape will make it tighter.

Throw Pillow - A pillow that throws itself into a person's face.
Rank: *
True Form: Four frog legs sprout from the corners.
My Strategy: It takes time before it attacks, so strike swiftly or dodge!
Punishment: It seems to spread and cover most of the victim's body, or at least the head.

Mystery Package - A seemingly normal chest...
Rank: * (Rare)
True Form: It continuously changes shape.
My Strategy: Pray for something you can defeat. Thankfully, it gives you the amount of Stars based on its new form...if you defeat it, of course.
Punishment: N/A

Softshell Snapper - A turtle with socks for heads and limbs.
Rank: ***
True Form: A fishing rod on its back seems to influence where it sticks its head out.
My Strategy: Whack a mole; watch out for its holes.
Punishment: ???

Doggoman - An ottoman, the thing you rest your feet on.
Rank: ***
True Form: A dog, or at least a head and tail attached to it.
My Strategy: It usually comes with an ally, which influences its behavior...But destroying its ally can enrage it, so take care of Barkoman first.
Punishment: It seems that the ottoman folds itself over the victim, turning them into an ottoman.

Re: Paperless Guide (P&P OOC)

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:49 pm
by polyedit2000
Topic 5 - Tickets and Bosses

At certain intervals, a "boss" will show up. They are officially classified as 5-star opponents, though they replace all doors when they show up. If the person passes or fails the boss encounter, the doors appear as normal. Defeating a boss does not increase your ranking. Bosses usually give two choices of how to face them.

Similarly, Sub-Boss rooms will spawn when a Boss room is active, though the name is misleading. These rooms provide challenges that do not affect ranking, but completing a Sub-Boss room will help allies in the Boss Room...or do the opposite of help in some cases.

The reward is based on being able to defeat the boss and how much Sub-boss rooms are cleared.


Tickets: Tickets will alter rooms, but must be activated before entering one. Their effects vary.

(+1) - These tickets are guaranteed to increase your ranking by a certain amount.
(Replace) - These tickets replace the room type without changing the number of stars.